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Can Kratom Stimulate & Boost Your Immune System?

There is currently NO EVIDENCE at this time to show that Kratom can cure Coronavirus infection, but it might help boost your immune system.

There are many different alkaloids in Kratom that do different things. 5 of which we understand can stimulate your immune system- which is great news in light of the global situation today.

Here are the kratom alkaloids that act as immunostimulants:

  • Epicatechin: is known to be an antioxidant, antiaggregant, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antihepatitic anti-inflammatory, anti-leukemic, antimutagenic, antiperoxidant, antiviral, potential cancer preventative, and an alpha-amylase inhibitor. You may have heard of this before, when you were told that dark chocolate was good for you- as it is often mentioned contained in dark chocolate. So hey if you MUST go the grocery store, it can’t hurt to pick up some dark chocolate while you’re there.
  • Isomitraphylline: while kratom contains an extremely small amount, this alkaloid is reported to be an immunostimulant, and an anti-leukemic (this alkaloid makes up less than 1% of the total alkaloid content found in Kratom).
  • Isopteropodine: Immunostimulant
  • Isorhynchophylline: Immunostimulant. Research shows this alkaloid also makes up less than 1% of the total alkaloid content found in Kratom leaf.
  • Mitraphylline: while also reported to be a vasodilator, antihypertensive, muscle relaxer, diuretic, antiamnesic, and anti-leukemic, this alkaloid is also a possible immuno-stimulant. This alkaloid also makes up less than 1% of the total alkaloid content found in the Kratom leaf.

You might also be pleased to learn that anecdotally many kratom consumers claim that symptoms of common colds are alleviated faster when consuming kratom.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please WASH YOUR HANDS, practice social distancing, avoid going out if not absolutely necessary, and do whatever you can to boost your immune system- with or without Kratom. We all need to do our part to fight this horrible virus!

To learn more and further educate yourself on kratom please visit the American Kratom Association at

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