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Heavy Metals in Kratom? Not Ours!

In case you heard and are wondering about the latest propaganda from the FDA-(now they are claiming Kratom contains unsafe levels of heavy metals), here are the maximum safe levels per Dr. YY Choi, Chemist employed by a government lab who wrote the International/National Standards (and some of our current results):
Arsenic; 1.4 parts per million, Our result is 0.199 ppm
Cadmium; 0.1 ppm, Our result is 0.053 ppm
Mercury; 0.5 ppm, and Our result is 0.021 ppm
Lead; 1.0 ppm, and Our result is 0.778 ppm
So there you have it – all of our lab results show SAFE FOOD GRADE LEVELS of heavy metals – or we wouldn’t sell it! For more information on Kratom please visit the American Kratom Association at