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1. Ambulance chasing lawyers claim — without proof —  that, “Kratom is killing people.”

2. People who died with kratom in their blood also had other drugs or comorbidities that actually were the proximate cause of death.

3. Coroners are reporting cause of death as “kratom overdose” caused by  “Kratom Toxicity”, using widely varied levels of kratom (without any scientific basis establishing any toxic level of kratom, likely relying on the misinformation the FDA has spread about so-called “kratom deaths”).

It is very sad that these ambulance-chasing lawyers are spreading misinformation and attacking kratom, just like the FDA. Saying people are dying from a “kratom overdose”. Their motivation? The all-mighty Dollar!

This amazing plant from the coffee family is a gift! And they are trying to make it out to be an opiate (which it’s NOT) and saying kratom is killing hundreds of people! They would have you believe that people are dying left and right from a kratom overdose. 

We understand that roughly 70,000 people die in the United States each year from Opioid Overdose (the number was considerably higher in 2020 — drug overdoses of all kinds, including opioids, totalled 93,331, according to CDC figures) — and some of them also happened to use kratom, but that doesn’t mean that kratom killed them or that a kratom overdose was the cause of death.

Ambulance-chasing attorneys are trying to blame all these deaths on kratom so they can sue all the kratom companies, but we know better than that! Their efforts would be much better rewarded if they went after the true killers, the makers of Fentanyl and OxyContin, etc.

There’s all kinds of misinformation floating around out there that say things like, “Kratom overdose responsible for 152 deaths,” and “91 have died from kratom overdose this year.” No wonder these vultures are circling! This makes it sound like an easy payday for them!

But, even the CDC issued report ( could not prove one single death actually attributed to kratom because the presence of other substances could not be ruled out.

One can CLAIM someone died of ANYTHING (and many have), but if all other potentially lethal substances were not tested for, one cannot make a true determination. And we all know the vast majority of the cases where they claim the person died of kratom overdose involved multiple other drugs (usually opiates) or the decedent’s own poor health was the true cause of death.

It is laughable that the FDA even called someone’s suicide by shotgun a “kratom-caused” death.

Kratom is from the coffee family — we know that to be a FACT. There is not any scientific study which establishes what, if any, amount of powdered kratom can be lethal to humans. There have been estimates made of how much powdered pure kratom leaf it might take to cause lethality, but it would be impossible to keep that amount (more than a kilo) down. There is one study that managed to kill laboratory mice, but it was done with pure mitragynine, with none of the other 39 or so other alkaloids, some of which place limits on the opioid effects of mitragynine.

Bottom Line, there is NO VALID EVIDENCE to support the claim of “kratom overdose” or that kratom can kill you. There is a MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE, however, that smoking, drinking alcohol, and multiple health conditions can — like heart disease, heart attack, and multiple heart conditions like cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), blocked arteries, and severe obstructive sleep apnea. 

Did you know that the American Sleep Apnea Association has estimated that 38,000 Americans die each year from heart disease with sleep apnea as a complicating factor?

Hmmmm… That is more than HALF the number that died of opiate drug overdoses in 2020! 

We wonder how many people who also happened to use kratom actually died from heart disease complicated by severe obstructive sleep apnea, perhaps because they didn’t use the CPAP machine their doctor prescribed (because those things are so darn uncomfortable!) and yet the death was incorrectly ruled a “kratom overdose”?

Guest Blog Author: 

Paul Kemp