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**UPDATE TO THIS POST: August 31, 2021: Joshua Fulton; owner of “Kratom Crazy” has plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud the FDA. He has sold “misbranded” synthetic drugs online.  His sentencing is set for January 6, 2022. So this is the kind of guy that posted a less than stellar review of our company years ago, I guess KARMA has caught up with him.

OK- it’s time for a rebuttal to the review the company “Kratom Crazy” wrote about us last year. After initially finding that they so audaciously decided to review our company and wrote all kinds of misinformation about us, while shamelessly trying to promote their products (they inserted links to their products in this so called “review”), we decided to just take the high road and let our quality speak for itself. But then I realized that people new to kratom may read it and possibly be deterred. Honestly, I can only surmise the reason why a North Carolina company would take precious time to review our company (when they have never met or purchased from us) is because they wanted to promote their company.

In the case of Kratom Crazy, whoa, wait a second! They put the word “crazy” in their name? That should give you pause right there! We at Kratom Divine used the word “Divine” meaning “excellent” – “delightful”, they chose “crazy” – that’s probably enough said, I mean they really used the word “shizz” in their so called review?? Who does that? but wait this will be fun rebutting the incorrect things they said about us because honestly we take it all in stride and just let our quality and service speak for itself.

First- they attacked our location- for the record, we are in fact located in Leaburg Oregon on the beautiful McKenzie highway. We initially did not disclose our exact location because we don’t have a retail store front, so there was no point in you coming to our home (it is only listed on Google now so that our Google Business page would not be interrupted).  Instead I list my phone number and actually answer it- so they really got the issue of transparency wrong! Where are they located btw, I don’t see that on their website? Hmmm. Crazy!

Also, regarding our name, Kratom Divine is our brand, not our legal name for banking reasons. And, the name was chosen because we feel the kratom IS divine, and we think many of you will agree!

They questioned my phone number and stated “sure you used to work in the cancer field, tell me something real- Jack”. Our phone number is in the 503 area code because I happened to have had my phone for many many years and got the number back in 2007 when I was in fact in the cancer field: feel free to google my previous credentials: Wendianne Rook, B.A. ARRT (R)(T).

It is hilarious though that they stated the quote “don’t believe anything you read on line” applies to Kratom Divine, when in actuality EVERYTHING on my site is 100% real, factual, and transparent, and much of what they stated in their “review” is just garbage. How’s that for Karma?

They stated our website is threadbare- really? We have many products displayed conveniently on a single page to make it easy for you to browse and choose your strain, and they said it looked like it was designed by a drunken graphic designer- wow- now they are even bashing people in the computer field.

Then they called our logo amateurish- yet they named their company Kratom Crazy- really?! REALLY?!

They stated we do a “less than adequate job” of marketing our products- well I don’t know how YOU feel, but having our products online AND in over 700 stores is a pretty good track record for marketing wouldn’t you say?

Oh, they did get something right! They mentioned our Sama Sama kratom was unique and interesting.

Well- thank you for finally acknowledging something positive. But wait the positive comment was VERY short lived. Next they went on to compare our secret blend to a Big Mac- WTH?! Maybe they really ARE crazy – I was holding out hope believing they were just jealous of our success until I got to that line, now I am convinced there really is no hope for them.

They stated our secretiveness hints at deception, and they couldn’t be more wrong. For the record we do not disclose exactly which strains are in the Sama Sama kratom capsules recipe because many people who have observed the wild success of Sama Sama have tried to copy it and sell it as their own- yes someone in Arizona actually took the picture from our website and placed it on their site and claimed to sell Sama Sama. SMH. Rest assured it is merely a blend of lab tested pure organic raw kratom powder, and it is our best seller by far!

Wait! My jaw just dropped, they actually gave us two more compliments- first, they stated our prices are relatively inexpensive- Example: Maeng Da powder for just $10/oz– yes THAT I can confirm is true! While they mentioned that people will pay for high quality, we believe in offering the high quality without the high price. Second, they said we were excellent when it comes to customer support. THAT is what the entire company was built on. We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated and always doing the right thing, period.

Regarding our reputation- we let our reviews speak for themselves. We use a third-party company to collect them so we can’t edit them- they are in fact all true and exactly as the customer wrote them, typos and all. A few days after ordering from us you will receive an email requesting a review from the third party review company, Yotpo, and we even give you a free ounce for taking your time to do it- because we truly appreciate it!

Regarding our social media presence, we have had thousands of Facebook followers and tens of thousands of Twitter followers in the past. I say past because someone managed to get our social media accounts shut down- call ME crazy but I think I may have an idea who that was.

Also take note that they closed “comments” on their review-but not before they listed an advertisement for THEIR products and then what appears to be many reviews of THEIR products. It is quite apparent the whole purpose of writing this review of us was so that they could market their company (I mean they shamelessly inserted links to their stuff!). One can only surmise they closed the comments because they didn’t want to read all the backlash from all our Kratom Divine fans who honestly LOVE our quality and LOVE our exemplary customer service!

I just hope karma pays a visit to these people who wrote a review of their competition. Do you find it at all odd that there is no link to leave a review on their site, yet there are reviews noted? It’s true, I tried, and so can you.

Oh, and I also want to add that this less than desirable review they posted online hasn’t stopped our company from becoming one of the largest in Oregon. So, Kratom Crazy? Or Kratom Divine? The name says it all!

Since we started in 2013, we have been constantly growing. Visit and drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you. And, if you are looking for education about kratom, please visit the American Kratom Association at You will find a wealth of information there.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you in your life journey where ever it may take you – and don’t forget to take your Sama Sama kratom capsules with you!