VARIETY 6 PACK - 1/2 oz

Kratom Divine

Plain Leaf Super Fine variety Pack 1/2 oz each.

Having trouble deciding which strain should be next? You can buy them all! Get a nice representative sample of our strains with this convenient variety pack. You will receive 1/2 oz of each finely powdered kratom including: Maeng Da, Sama Sama, Premium Bali, Malaysian Green, Red Vein, and Premium Indo. Go ahead-do your research and tell your friends, but don't forget to leave your review after you've experienced them! Your opinion matters and people want to know!

What is kratom used for? pain, stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, withdrawal.....and to gain focus, well being, and energy!

This is the best way (and most economical) to figure out which strain is best for you.

All of our products have not been evaluated by the FDA for internal use - they are for research purposes only.

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