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Maeng Da

Kratom Divine came across to me as a small company with high standards during my communications with the highly cordial representative Wendi. In addition to the 1 oz. package of their Maeng Da, they sent a heartwarming greeting card, which says a lot to me about their intimate approach to their customer base.

The aroma of their Maeng Da lasted close to 4 hours from my notes, and reached a peak of around a (p=8.2) after pouring a total of 6g. This potency rating is again (and I must emphasize what our potency rating is about on our… “About” page), the pleasantness of the effects more so than something one would describe as intoxicating fumes.

Kratom Divine’s Maeng Da is creates a clear headed cloud with concurrently uplifting qualities. It is what I could call an “anytime Kratom” that you can take without worrying about cognitive impairment from excess fumes.

It would not surprise me if any established customer finds themselves a new home for purchasing Kratom based on the company’s cordial quality. Kratom Divine is more than safe to purchase from, they seem to be a vendor capable of establishing an individually based relationship which speaks volumes.

POTENCY: 8.5/10
VALUE: 8.3/10 ($20/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.5/10 – I can promptly riddle out this is not the most potent Maeng Da strain you will find so far as mind bending and skewing sensations from the scent. It is, however, a perfect remedy for those seeking a perfectly clear headed (aside from the minor sedative factor) positive approach to the day. Kratom preference often comes down to taste (metaphorically, not physically! Remember that Kratom is not for human consumption), and this is a taste worth trying. If what you have read seems like your cup of tea… then by all means make your day a good one!

**This review was done back in 2015 when our Maeng Da was sold at $20/oz- yes, it is now HALF price!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kratom Divine Review: Malaysian Green, Premium Bali, Red Vein Indo, Sama Sama, and White Borneo

A while back we reviewed Kratom Divine’s Maeng Da strain. It was a solid product, earning the “Bronze Leaf” award at an overall 8.5/10. The customer service was also fantastic, handled by Wendi Rook, author of “KRATOM A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Effects and Benefits of This Amazing Plant (and everything you want to know to get started with Kratom)” and, incidentally founder of Kratom Divine. They even sent a nice little greeting card as shown aside.

This time around the service was equally as wonderful, with yet another personalized post card (see photo). In their latest package they sent us 5 new strains: Malaysian Green, Premium Bali, Red Vein, Sama Sama and White Vein Borneo. In this review I will briefly touch on the qualities of each of these products along with an overall assessment,

The Malaysian Green, Premium Bali, Red Vein and White Vein Borneo are available for a smashing $15/oz with discounts at higher volumes, and $23/oz for the Sama Sama.

Malaysian Green

This classic strain is always a good “daytime kratom.” If you’re going out to do some work, filling up your incense bowl with some Green Malay may provide a positive lift and enhanced mood. It has a highly functional, clean , and subtly euphoric aroma.

OVERALL: 8.6/10


Premium Bali

Kratom Divine’s Premium Bali was certainly a treat. It’s aroma created a significantly relaxing and uplifting environment.

OVERALL: 8.8/10


Red Vein

Simply titled “Red Vein.” One usually expects red veined strains to possess an easing notion at a deep level, and one gets it with Kratom Divine.

OVERALL: 8.7/10

Sama Sama

This original strain available exclusively at Kratom Divine, is boldly self-labeled their “Rock Star Kratom.” It’s title is derived from the Malaysian language, meaning “together.” Such lofty self-attribution takes some living up to, and it meets those expectations with a very clear minded and invigorating scent along with a state of mental elevation. It is similar to the Green Malaysian strain, but more potent. This strain deservedly makes our illustrious “Gold Leaf Award” list.

OVERALL: 9.0/10

White Vein Borneo

White Vein Borneo is another solid win, with a stamina enhancing aroma that is invigorating but not “jittery” like one who has had too much coffee. Aromatherapy with this strain is a great alternative to caffeine. Stimulating veins usually are not my cup of tea but this one was effective yet not overpowering.


OVERALL: 8.5/10


**Again, this review was done back in 2015; Our Malaysian Green, Premium Bali, Red Vein and White Vein Borneo are now just $10/oz and $18/oz for the Sama Sama!