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and we are trying to figure out how to bring them with us to this NEW AND IMPROVED website! It is proving to be pretty complicated! Don’t worry- I copied and pasted a bunch (highlighting in bold the date, name, and product) and thought while I am trying to figure this out I would at least drop some into a blog post! Our reviews mean a lot to us and we know you all enjoy reading them too- so here are a handful I copied back to October 31, 2015…there are about 180 more to follow….(and sadly the whole first year we were in business reviews were deleted when we upgraded the website last time-so we lost those -Noooooo!!!!) but hey I am only one woman! –Wendi

6/14/17 Wilma Chicago / Sama Sama

I thank God I found Wendi. I have been taking Vicoden for over 13 years for my back pain and I have to tell you when I found Sama Sama everything changed. I experienced relief within 20 minutes and have never looked back. I stopped taking the V immediately when I found Sama Sama and I am so grateful. I am 79 years old and I do not want to spend my golden years in pain! Thank God for Wendi and her Sama Sama. I have told all my friends and I will continue to tell everyone I meet that this stuff works and has changed my life!

 6/6/17 D.C / Sama Sama

Kratom is the answer for opiate withdrawal

This product is amazing helped me with in hours to get off opiate meds.  You don’t have to suffer opiate withdrawals if you get this. I did it so can you it really works amazing stuff.

 05/19/17 Austin / Maeng Da

Works excellent for my back pain!!

I was hesitant to try Kratom but am very glad I did! I ordered the Maeng Da since it is deemed the strongest with no marijuana like effects. It takes my back pain to a 0! The only other thing that does that isn’t a hard Rx drug are muscle relaxers which make me drowsy. This has absolutely no side effects!!! I’ve recommended to several friends and family members.

 05/08/17 Howie / Sama Sama

Wonderful company in Kratom Divine and Wendy at the helm is tremendous

I stumbled upon Kratom by accident one day as surfing the web for info on alternatives to antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. I have suffered with PTSD since 2012 and have had some very tough nights trying to sleep and control nightmares when I did sleep. I also developed neuropathy in my feet from traumas. I went almost 10 years with little sleep and terrible depression. An answer to prayer for me had been Kratom Divine. I have been using 1-2 grams of Sama Sama and alternating with Premium Indo for sleep. The Sama Sama makes me feel like my old self and very energized but relaxed at the same time. The P. Indo helps me along with my current meds at much lower dose to sleep very well. I am on my way, thank the good Lord, to being my best for my family and for myself. I hope that this truly wonderful gift of nature is not ever banned. The Fed and big Pharma hate nutritional supplements and other alternative wonders of nature like Kratom to help people who are struggling in life. Thanks Wendy for your expertise and kindness!!!

05/4/17 Linda / Sama Sama

Fantastic Customer Service!

This company is awesome.  I came across their website today and learned all about Kratom.  I have had 3 spine surgeries in the last 5 years.  I have been on pain meds for the same length of time.  So tired of the side effects.  I had questions about the products and decided to send Wendi a message.  Wow…..she called me back in 2 minutes after emailing her!!!  I was blown away!  She spent a fair amount of time with me answering all my questions and suggested what product to start with.  I can’t wait to get started on this.  To be able to get off pain meds will be a dream come true.  Wendi, thank you so very much for your compassion and concern today.  You rock!!  I am certain that I will be a long time customer!!

4/24/17 N / Premium Indo & Malaysian Green

Great calming effect

I started taking this over a month ago. I take it for anxiety. I take 3 immediately upon feeling anxious and usually in 20 minutes I feel a sense of great calmness.

I have been using this for over a month now. I am a highly intense person and my brain is constantly going therefore I wake up at night all the time. I take this 2 hours before I go to bed and it surely helps me sleep all night. No groggy effect.

4/3/17 Jan / Sama Sama

I feel that for me this has been life changing!

I have been on suboxone maintenance for opiate addiction for 3 years now. My friend suggested kratom as an alternative and although I haven’t tried them all I believe Sama Sama helped me in the transition to get off suboxone completely. I had never been able to do that ever and now that ball and chain is gone thanks to Kratom Divine! A miracle for me!

3/20/17 Para / Premium Bali

Bali, Kratom Divine, and Wendi will not disappoint!

For quite some time I purchased Bali, and a couple of other strains, from Online “Vendors”, hoppping from one to the next hoping to find one I would try a 2nd time. That ended last year when I discovered Kratom Divine and Wendi. Their Bali is like no other I had tried; it is far above other site’s offerings in quality, and just as important, consistent quality. I’ve yet to be disappointed. Yes, it’s a few bucks more, but there is no question that it is worth it. I don’t drink, but would you choose Old Milwaukee when for a few bucks more you can have that IPA or Import you love? No question, right? The Customer Service is worth it alone. Many Online sellers only provide an email address, and I’ve never received an answer the same day. KD and Wendi are a different story. She actually CARES that her Customers are pleased, whereas other “Vendors” seem to share an attitude that if they get your money once, that’s okay with them. So, I feel their Bali is of the highest quality, and I can’t come up with a reason to ever go elsewhere; it just doesn’t get any better. ** I do not work for, nor do I have any personal/monetary interest in KD other than as far as I’m concerned they have the best Bali, other strains I’ve tried are tops as well, and each order will be what you expect: just as good as the last order you placed.

3/6/17 Calle Cat / Sama Sama

You can’t go wrong with this

was on narco for 12 yrs the sama sama has been wonderful  for the pain and to get off the opids and start living my life again has been great

12/3/16 LisaB4269 / Premium Bali

Awesome!!! Premium Bali, and bentuagie for pain

This is like my fourth or fifth order with Wendi, she’s awesome!!! I love premium bali. I’m weird I cannot drink it with cold juice, so I make a tea out of it. I know it’s powder, but it’s what works for me!!! I have chronic pain, due to scoliosis and degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis. Will be ordering more. Would like to try the hemp products, as well.

11/16/16 Oregon Girl / Maeng Da

Excellent alternative to alcohol and marijuana

I’m new to Kratom – I was hoping to find an alternative to alcohol (makes me gain weight) and marijuana (makes me feel paranoid). The Maeng Da is perfect. It helps my pain, helps me relax and has no discernible side effects.

 11/5/16 Dee / Sama Sama

I recommend Kratom Divine and their products to everyone!

Finding this company and their wonderful products has been the best thing I have done in 7 years.Everyone that is living with chronic pain or anxiety or depression needs to try this company and their products. Wendi is awesome and very compassionate. She took my order late on a Friday and went out of her way to see send me my order on a Saturday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wendy!

 11/5/16 Brian K / 15 Stars Extract

Awesome product

I have purchased Premium Bali from numerous vendors and I though some were very good until I received some from Kratom Divine. This product is superior to all of the those other vendors I have tried! Of course the price is a little higher but for the quality and customer service it is worth it! I will continue to purchase from this store and not look back!  It gives me the energy I need to keep up with my 3 little boys and my demanding job! Awesome product!!!!

11/4/16 Brian K / Premium Bali

Great product and customer service!

Awesome product! It is strong so if you are a beginner be sparing with your dosage until you know how it will effect you! Don’t be scared of the price i was at first but it is worth every penny and then some! And of course Wendi is an amazing person she has answered every question within minutes of emailing her! Best store ever! A++++

 11/4/16 Ashley / Red Vein Indo

Too Good To be True!

WHAT FRUSTRATING! Is the fact that I wasted so much time and money on any other brand of Kratom. I am a very picky person. And very critical when judging Kratom. This was by far THE BEST Kratom I have purchased. Their customer service goes above and beyond. You will not be disappointed. Trust me.

 10/15/16 J. Elliott / Loose Leaf Maeng Da


Best price for quality product…. I’ve been off my opioids for 3 days and have very few symptoms to no withdrawals .. thanks to kratom I’m on my way to a opioid free life!

 10/11/16 cheermom2 ( shanna g) / White Vein Borneo

White Borneo

Im so loving the white borneo.. this strain is a hard one to find that meets my expectations. The effects vary too much among vendors- but this one is fabulous and imo is consistent. White borneo is one of my favorites overall and this one is no exception. If youre looking for a good white vein, youve got it right here. And about Wendi- I wont go into much detail here bc you can read reviews & figure it out. But I have to tell you that she’s a gem.

 10/11/16 cheermom2 ( shanna g) / Sama Sama

Sama Sama is an incredible choice- If you like the high energy strains or even if you prefer the more mellow strains- you will still reap benefits from this one. Its hard to describe but its like a red, green, & white had a baby:))) Others have attempted this approach- to no avail.. I appreciate a good blend when its done right- and this one is.

10/8/16 Wolfer / Sama Sama

Sama Sama is perfect for pain

I am so grateful for having found Kratom Divine and this particular product. I had to wean myself off Fentanyl and worried I’d go through horrible detox.  I was lucky I didn’t suffer, and I think it’s because I started using the Sama before I removed the last pain patch. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 30 years and using the Sama has incredibly taken care of all the aches and pains, as if I was still using opiates!  It’s truly a remarkable product.  This should always be made available to us, so I hope Kratom Divine will be able to continue selling it. We need to make sure this right isn’t taken from us by greedy pharma execs and the Fed! I can tell you, Wendi is the nicest person to purchase this product from.  Honest and compassionate, she truly cares about her clients!

8/20/16 JS / Happy Tea

Energy and flavor!

A very dark and tasty brew, and can steep for a long time without becoming bitter.  The flavor is a mix of floral rainclouds with rooty, bark-like earth tones, and it definitely has a kick to it; after drinking a cup, good luck if you need to sleep anytime soon!

 8/19/16 Lisamb4269 / Maeng Da

Kratom is Awesome!

Awesome product, awesome customer service. These people know Kratom & they Are passionate about it! You can tell by their knowledge, quick response, fast shipping, personal message in your package Thanking you for your purchase , and the quality of the product the offer . People like this is the how kratom stays legal. Their marketing , wording , packaging , website , & knowledge are what all companies should follow . The companies who want to sell for profit, without any knowledge or respect for this herb are ruining Kratoms name . Kratom should stay online only so it stays out of the hands of mis leading smoke shops who know nothing a about this herb. Sorry for the rant! Keep up the awesome work Wendi! This is a grade A product!

8/17/16 Carly / Hulu Kupuas


This strain is by far my favorite. It treats my chronic knee and back pain, every time. The dosage I need to use is relatively minimal as well. Very impressed.

 8/15/16 Chrisj1226 /Sama Sama

Quality product that works

 8/9/16 Wendi / 15 Stars Extract

The Reviews are in

The reviews are in- many report just 1/4 gram of this amazing extract does the trick!

 3/5/16 Carly / Red Vein Indo


Of all the products I have tried from Kratom Divine, the Red Vein Indo is my absolute favorite. I have chronic back pain from years of over-working my back. I was also diagnosed with Patella Femoral Syndrome in both of my knees 15 years ago. It’s degenerative, with no cure. I used to have almost constant pain to the point of tears on many occasions. I discovered Kratom and feel like I have gained my life back. I also used to suffer from severe migraines. While I still have a very occasional, uncontrollable migraine, I haven’t had to resort to Rx medication in about 4 months. Kratom has changes my life significantly and Wendi is always the best whenever I have any questions.

 3/5/16 Amber / Sama Sama


I really love these guys, answered all of my questions super fast! Thanks Wendi

 3/12/16 Roxy / Red Bali

Great Product!

Great Product!

 3/3/16 Rhonda / Premium Bali

Wish I could give it more stars

I really love these guys, answered all of my questions super fast! Thanks Wendi

 3/1/16 Boston Nancy / Sama Sama

Ooliver says ” can i have some more please”

Chocolate cake and they added more frosting, ahaha

the best ever!

 2/28/16 J Bug / Premium Bali

You can sense the passion these owners put in Kratom by this product…

Awesome product, awesome customer service . These people know Kratom & they Are passionate about it! You can tell by their knowlege, quick response , fast shipping, personal message in your package Thanking you for your purchase , and the quality of the product the offer . People like this is the how kratom stays legal . Their marketing , wording , packaging , website , & knowlege are what all companies should follow . The companies who want to sell for profit, without any knowlege or respect for this herb are ruining Kratoms name . Kratom should stay online only so it stays out of the hands of mis leading smoke shops who know nothing a about this herb. Sorry for the rant! Keep up the awesome work Wendi! This is a grade A product !

 2/28/16 J Bug / Premium Bali

Perfect balance. Great subtitle aroma . I do wish the price was a cheaper or more specials/discounts were available . The product is great , I just buy bulk so I try to get the most value for my dollar.

 2/27/16 Boston Nancy / Hulu Kupuas

A good product

 2/24/16 N / Premium Indo


I am in love with this product. I agree it is a God send. I have Lupus and have been living with constant pain for years. This not only takes away the pain, I can sleep now. The only side effect I have found is it results in spontaneous happy dance.

 2/24/16 Shorlax Queen / Sama Sama

Best Kratom I have ever tried

I don’t know what they put into this blend but it is phenomenal. Huge burst of energy that lasts for hours, without the anxiety and jitters of caffeine and other stimulants. Also improves my mood and brings about a sense of contentment. I’m not a kratom connoisseur but I’ve tried various strains from different vendors, and this stuff is the best. I only wish it were cheaper. Best to buy in bulk to get their discount.

 2/18/16 Lacey / Malaysian Green

Love it!!

My favorite green Malay! One of my top my favorites, so hard to choose! Have yet to be dissaponted! Kratom really has changed my life and Wendi provides fantastic product and the best customer service! Thank you!

 2/18/16 Lacey / White Vein Borneo

Love this quality product- it actually works!

Love this product! Great sustained energy! The best customer service ever! Wendi rocks! My favorite strain!

 2/12/16 Mike / Sama Sama

I have a pretty high tolorence and all I burned was about 2-3g (1tsp), It was great for hours.  My anxiety is gone and I still have plenty of energy. Helps with pain too.

Definitely the best offered by Kratom Divine. They won’t share the secret, but its a perfect blend to get you to that place of great relaxation with plenty of energy to spare.

 2/11/16 Monica / Premium Bali


This is the best product on so many levels, only outdone by the fantastic customer service & rapid shipping. You need look no further for another site! Thanks sooo much!

 1/30/16 Denise61 / Kratom caps

Amazing and fast shipping

Amazing product. Fast shipping!

 1/30/16 Denise61 / Sama Sama


Amazing product!

 1/25/16 Spiro / Sama Sama


I love Sama Sama! Just received my order today and wow! Definitly adding it to my rotation! Also the customer service is great!

 1/19/16 Adam / Kratom caps

Great product and service

Great product and great customer service. The best I’ve ever had. The best maeng da yet

 12/30/15 Lacey / Maeng Da

Love this quality product it actually works!!!

Have finally found the only kratom I will buy! Wendi is awesome and helpful! What an enjoyable experience. Maeng Da is definitely my favorite favorite! Can’t wait to order more!! Love love love this product! Quality quality quality!  Thanks again Wendi we will be doing business again very soon! 🙂

 12/25/15 Melissa / Sama Sama

Best strain I have had in a long time! Its very balanced, euphoric and give you a nice relaxed, yet refreshed feeling.

Fantastic Thank you!

12/7/15 SMH Seattle / Maeng Da

Great Kratom strains with Prompt Shipping!

Excellent Kratom products – always shipped out promptly. Very dependable!

11/27/15 Jake / Maeng Da

Love it

L Hello! I have been a kratom divine customer for almost two years, and have used kratom intermittently for several years, maeng da mostly, and I just wanted to say that I enjoy Kratom Divine the most, hands down. The fresh, organic flow of KD truly makes the difference; energetically and spiritually. Keep it up! I’ll be ordering again soon.

11/16/15 Kat / Maeng Da

Absolutely satisfied!

This was my first time ordering/trying kratom.  First let me say this is a great site, run by great people!  My order shipped within an hour of placing my order and was at my door in two business days even though I’m all the way across the country.  I think the price was more than reasonable & the whole process was very easy, fast, and felt very personal, akin to the difference between shopping at a local mom & pop type shop as opposed to a major chain store.

Like I said this was my first kratom experience so I’ll need to try it more than once, tweak the dosage, etc, but from what I’ve seen so far, I am definitely impressed!  I suffer from several mental disorders, including bipolar disorder and anxiety, as well as neuropathy, for which I take a high dose of gabapentin.  I find that this kratom is both stimulating and relaxing, as most reviews I’ve read have claimed, without being uncomfortably up or down.  My pain is barely noticeable and my mood is quite elevated; I’m raising my best friend’s two little girls for a while and even they commented about what a good mood I’m in today.   Thus far I’ve had no unpleasant side effects and the taste was much more mild than I was expecting.

I’ve seen many good reviews of this site and they’ve been proven right!  I will absolutely be doing further business with Kratom Divine.

 11/12/15 Traci Carter / Sama Sama

Im very happy that i have found this company! My order came very fast! and the kraytom actually helped my pain! This is the vendor of my choice. There is no reason to look else where! Thank you!

I bought the Sama Sama kratom after watching a video aabout a construction worker that bought from Kratom Divine. I have bad arthiritis in my hands and Kidney Stones. I have never tried kratom. Im very impressed with the results I recieved! The stuff works! I recieved a free sample of white Boreno which also worked very well for me!

10/31/15 CMike / Maeng Da kratom


Wendi is awesome. I’m new to Kratom but this maeng da is potent to me and I used to use meth and Xanax and shrooms . All together, of course not that it’s like that but it helps with my anxiety caused by severe hard drug use.