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We do good – others attack! Buyer beware!

Why is it that people can’t just put in the good old fashioned work to get where they want to be rather that spending all their time trying to bash others and bring them down to try to make themselves look good? SMH. This is what I found while searching Kratom Divine recently. A company named Kratom Crazy (very appropriate btw!) posted a lengthy scathing review of my company-even went as far as mentioning my previous career fighting cancer and my hobbies. WOW- they never met me or bought my products. I did learn there are quite a few RIPOFF reports on them on the internet however so buyer beware! There are a lot of crazies out there. HERE however you will find just RAW PURE ORGANIC kratom. That is what we have always sold and that is what we always will! THANKS for your loyalty to Kratom Divine- REAL PEOPLE – REAL STORIES  – REAL HOBBIES! 🙂