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Who Has the Best Kratom in Oregon? Kratom Divine since 2013!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we are in our 9th year! It has been such a blessing getting to know so many of our wonderful customers.

People sometimes ask “What makes you the BEST Kratom in Oregon and what makes you different from all the other Kratom sellers out there”? 

Here’s the answer(s):

The company was built on the belief that if we continuously provide a QUALITY product and not just “the cheapest kratom we can find”, then we will be providing a valuable service and people will continue to come back. And that is exactly what we aim to do everyday. We take pride in the fact that people report that they use way less of our quality products than when they use other brands.

We lab test every single box, yes you read that right, we test every single box of raw kratom we receive. NOT every batch like the competition; meaning they typically submit 4 or 5 samples per TON (per 40 boxes). Your safety is our priority and this ensures you will never have to worry about Salmonella or E. Coli contamination.

We answer the phone and are your biggest advocate if you have any issues. Customer service is our forte’.

Come see us for some of our very popular Maeng Da capsules – while they are ON SALE for just $19.99! 

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