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Why do we lab test our Kratom?

We have an independent lab test our kratom products so you know you can trust our products! WE AIM TO KEEP YOU SAFE!

If you have purchased our products in stores, then you have seen that we put right on the label “lab tested for quality and purity”. This means that we send our products to an independent lab to ensure they are SAFE before we put them out into the market.

Because we send our raw products to an independent lab to ensure they are clean and pure, we have NEVER had to recall any of our products, but what mystifies us is that MOST OTHER KRATOM COMPANIES IN OREGON HAVE HAD TO RECALL THEIR PRODUCTS.

If you do a little research online you will learn that all of the larger companies have in fact had to recall their products for either Salmonella or E. Coli. Does that mean they are not diligently testing their products?? That MUST be the answer because had they tested those products, they would have been aware of the dangerous microorganisms, and they hopefully, would have never put the products into the market. Maybe they are so BIG that they are focused on profits and selling rather than safety.

We made this post to help keep you safe and to make you aware that just because a company seems “BIG” doesn’t mean they are a good or safe choice.

We have been around since 2013 because we do things with honesty, transparency and integrity. We not only guarantee that all of our products will be pure and of great quality, but also if you have any issue at all, we will be there to help.

We answer the phone and will take the time to ensure your complete satisfaction. We have a 100% guarantee stated on our website, and we back that up!

REST ASSURED that when you purchase from Kratom Divine, you will get exactly what the label says Pure Raw Kratom and NOTHING ELSE!

So please stop by soon  – may we suggest our high mitragyna Maeng Da capsules.

Stay Safe, Stay Well

For more information and to further educate yourself on kratom please visit the American Kratom Association at

Nutra Creations LLC can not be held liable for users misuse of our products.